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Be a Hero

We want to let all of our volunteers know that we are missing them dearly! We are getting ready to start our volunteer program again so if your interested please fill out our Volunteer Profile. Have you also thought about fostering? We have all kinds of pets who would like a comfortable home to stay in while they wait for their forever homes. You can also help us by sharing our social media posts, advocating by sharing your own experiences, or even start your own fundraiser for Caring Hands! Have an idea you would like to run by us? Send an e-mail to volunteer@caringhandshs.org or call (316)283-0839 Mon, Wed-Sat and ask for Aurora.
Stay safe!

Below are the many ways you can help the animals by volunteering your time. If you have questions about any of these opportunities, please contact our office. If your interested in becoming a volunteer please fill out out Volunteer Profile and give us a call.

Bring a Group

Groups of volunteers are always welcome at CHHS! There are possibilities for students of all ages to help, while learning skills they can use the rest of their lives. Group activities can be as hands on as you want. Younger volunteers can come and read to our dogs or cats, or learn basic care techniques. Older volunteers can assist staff in day-to-day tasks, walk dogs, play with cats and work their brains by making enrichment. Just fill out our Group Volunteer Profile and give us a call.

Fundraising opportunities outside CHHS:

A group can do a lot of good without ever coming to CHHS. You could organize stuffed animal drives, canned dog or cat food drives, car washes, bake sales and so much more. The possibilities are endless! To donate the money earned visit our Donation page.