The Mysterious Miss Marbles

Meeting Marbles

Marbles, a 7-year-old Boxer mix, came to Caring Hands on February 26th of this year. She had been abandoned by her owners at a neighbor’s house. At first glance, Marbles was timid, fearful, and on the verge of snapping from stress. The shelter environment will often bring out the worst in a dog, and if they aren’t given a chance, that’s all anyone would see.

Luckily for Marbles, our staff gave her a chance. It took some time, but eventually, Marbles came out of the shell she had in her kennel and showed us her beautiful smile. Soon, every time Marbles was taken out of her kennel she wiggled so hard she almost lost balance, gave kisses and hugs, and smiled the whole time.

Understanding Marbles

Still, something wasn’t quite right. Marbles seemed to have two personalities – a wiggly easy-going one, and a grouchy, sleepy one. It seemed to staff like she would be happy and energetic in the morning and then lay down in pain the rest of the day. Marbles was taken to Urgent Pet Care in Wichita, where Dr. Brenda examined her and came to some shocking conclusions.

Marbles was diagnosed with arthritis in a back leg, potential hip dysplasia, and potential nerve damage. Her joint and hip and nerve problems explained why she always seemed to be in pain. This diagnosis finally helped us understand the many personalities of Miss Marbles, and is helping us care for her now.

Caring For Marbles

Marbles is now on pain medications for her joint and nerve pain. Even though she comes with some unique baggage, Marbles is still looking for her forever home. We don’t know if she’ll live to be 16, or if she only has a few years left. Regardless, Marbles is deserving of a home that will love her till her last day.

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