Think Your Pet Was Stolen?

If you think your pet may have been stolen, please make a report to your pet missing to the police! They may be able to help if your pet was in an accident or direct you to the appropriate department.


What You Can Do

Animals Are Lost Every Day

Unfortunately, pets do get lost everyday. There may be an unnoticed hole in fence, the gate was left open or perhaps someone decided to steal your pet. Here are some steps you can take to help find them. 

Search Entire House and Property

Create Flyers or Share on Social Media

Don’t forget important information such as, photo, description, when and where last seen, do they have a collar/leash and contact numbers.

Contact your Local Animal Control

If you live in Newton, and your pet is picked up by animal control it will be brought to Caring Hands Humane Society. Often, kind individuals who find stray pets will bring them here to CHHS as well, both from Newton and from other locations in Harvey County. Call us as soon as you find your pet is missing!