Losing a pet can be a very emotional experience.


You are the only person who can identify your pet. We recommend visiting our shelter, calling and checking the found pets page of our site daily.

If you see a stray, and you live in Newton – Call 911 and ask for animal control. Caring Hands Humane Society does not recommend that you approach any stray animal unless you are SURE it is friendly to humans. Even then use caution.

Please call ahead before bringing to CHHS
Caring Hands is only equipped & legally allowed to take in domesticated pets. If you are needing assistance with a wildlife concern, please call us at 316-283-0839 and we will do our best to direct you on the next steps.

Lost Pet? We Can Help

If you live in Newton, and your pet is picked up by animal control it will be brought to Caring Hands Humane Society. Often, kind individuals who find stray pets will bring them here to CHHS as well, both from Newton and from other locations in Harvey County. Call us as soon as you find your pet is missing!

The first thing we do is check for tags and microchips. If these safety measures are not in place, or the contact numbers are not in place, then we will not be able to reach you.

If you are reading this, and your pet is not lost, please make sure your pet has a microchip and the contact information is up to date!

If your pet is lost, you need to call Caring Hands Humane Society as soon as possible. We will tell you if we have an animal matching the description of your lost pet. We will also fill out a lost pet report, and if a pet matching the description you provide comes in, you should get a call. Because of many variables, especially difficulty in typing a mixed breed dog or a commonly marked cat, this is not 100% reliable.

You will need to call every two days or 48 hours to follow up!

This is because there is a three day stray period. During this time the animal is still legally yours, and you can reclaim it as long as you pay any fees that are due including city fines, boarding and other fees. After three days, the animal becomes the property of CHHS, and the animal may or may not be available for adoption. We work in the reality of too little resources to save all the animals (yet!). Please call us as soon as your pet is missing and continue to check back every two days!

If you have a stray animal in your care, and if you live in Harvey or Marion County you have two options.

First, you can bring the animal here to Caring Hands Humane Society during our business hours. We will try to locate the owner, and if we cannot do that in three days, we will do our best to find a home for adoptable animals.

Second, if you wish to care for the animal yourself, you can call and file a found report and we will forward any inquiries to you. We cannot accept wild animals, only domestic companion animals.

Can I Have Someone Else Reclaim My Pet?

Yes, if they have a notarized letter signed by you stating that the person is allowed to reclaim your pet. If you or your pet is involved with the Animal Control Officer, the ACO may also confirm with Caring Hands who is allowed to reclaim your pet for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Reclaim My Pet?

Boarding is $17.50/day including the first day. We only charge this amount to cover any potential medical needs that are addressed while under our care, food and water supply, as well as the resource cost such as the amount of time and supplies used to properly care for your pet. 

If your pet is brought in by Newton PD or Newton Animal Control, there is an additional fine of $10 for the first occurance, $20 for the second, and $30 for the third and all that follow.

If your pet is not current on a Rabies vaccination, there is an additional charge of $18 for a Rabies vaccination voucher. This voucher pays for the shot to be given to your pet by your veterinarian. It expires in two weeks. Take the voucher to your veterinarian and they will then bill us for the vaccination.

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