Polly is a Pint Sized Miracle

Polly Pocket shortly after arriving at CHHS.

Polly Pocket is proof that dogs are too good for this world.

On January 29th, Polly was picked up by Newton Police Officer Barkdoll. She was found walking out of a tree row in the 1200 block of N. Sherman in Newton. It was clear she had been through serious trauma. She was fearful but went calmly with Officer Barkdoll to Caring Hands.

After intake, she was administered antibiotics for her open wounds at Newton Animal Hospital. CHHS fed, watered, and bathed her. Polly was nothing but calm and sweet the entire time – as if she was just grateful to be off the streets.

On January 31st, Polly Pocket visited Urgent Pet Care in Wichita, where she received an exam and multiple x-rays. The results were heartbreaking. Polly had too many broken bones to count. Her shoulder, ribs, jaw, tail bone, paw, and spine all had fractures. Through it all, Polly remained an unwavering ray of sunshine. She has a fighting spirit that kept her alive while starving, cold, and horribly injured.

Today, Polly is taking her first steps toward recovery while staying in a foster home with Newton ACO Robinette. Robinette tells us she is kind to everything. She is great with children, dogs, cats, and her tail is always wagging.

We would like to raise $500 to cover the cost of Polly’s exam and continued care. Please support Polly in her journey to recovery by donating!

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