Rehoming Animals In Need


Loving Pet Owners

We know it can be a traumatic experience to surrender your companion animal to a shelter because you have no one else to turn to. We have designed a program that will enable you to rehome your companion animal, instead of bringing him/her to live at the shelter. 

The best possible outcome for you and your companion is for you to find a loving new home directly from your home. CHHS can help you accomplish this goal! 

Owners will send marketing materials to These can include photos, videos, fun stories about the pet in the home or in public, or anything else you think is special about your pet. CHHS will advertise your pet through social media, email campaigns, online on our website and in our lobby. 

Owners will also need to fill out our RAIN Profile in order for us to get to know you and your pet.

When applications come in for your pet, our Adoption Counselors will screen the app to make sure it sounds like a good fit for your pet and then pass the info along to you. Final approval for adoption comes directly from you – the person who knows them best!