No one wants to lose a pet that we love. CHHS understands that sometimes life just doesn't work that way. No matter the reason, we are here to help.

Pet Surrender

Doing What's Best

Owner surrenders are accepted Monday-Saturday between 10am-4pm. To ensure we have space to house your animal, please call ahead to schedule.

At Caring Hands Humane Society, our goal is to always keep the best interests of all animals in mind when making decisions. Events can occur in life which requires us to make difficult decisions about our pets. We aim to hear out your issues fully and help you come to a conclusion of what steps will be the best for your pet, before beginning the process of surrendering an animal to our facility. Often times, there are issues that can be easily fixed. When relinquishing an animal is the best option for your pet, we do have requirements:

You may only surrender your own pet. If you are helping a friend or family member, a notarized letter from the owner stating you are allowed to relinquish the dog for them must be supplied.

If surrendering has become the best option, you can schedule an appointment with a counselor. We will need a current ID displaying your address. If your ID does not state your current address, you will need to bring a vehicle registration or utility bill along with your ID.  **If you live in the city of Sedgwick, KS, we will need to see that your vehicle registration states that you live in Harvey County.

Counties outside of our jurisdiction are determined as a case by case situation and are subject to a surrender fee of $50 for all adult animals.