Special Remembrance

Celebrate Your Pet's Life By Saving Another

By using Caring Hands Humane Society’s Forever Loved Memorials service, you can celebrate the life of your loved one by saving the life of a shelter animal. The resources provided through  Forever Loved Memorials will fund medical care, public education, adoption promotion, housing, daily care, and rehabilitation for homeless animals in our care.

For further inquiries about our cremation  services or other information regarding Caring Hands Humane Society, please contact us at (316)283-0839. We would be honored to help you.

Memorialize Your Loved One

Choose from four different urn options. Private cremation services also provide a certificate of authenticity and a fur clipping from your beloved.

Raku & Brushed Nickel style brass urns are  not able to be sealed, but have a secure lid. This style of urn has a modern, sleek look.

Antique copper urns can not be sealed, but provide a traditional style. Our ornately carved wooden urns can be sealed or left unsealed.

Not sure about which urn you would like? All urns are available to be seen in person  at Caring Hands Humane Society. Urns are also available in various sizes.

Private cremations include your initial urn but if you are wanting to purchase an additional urn please contact us.

  • Urn Necklaces $48.83
  • Keepsake Urns $21.70


*COVID  We are doing everything we can to ensure the comfort and safety of our shelter animals, staff, volunteers and community.

CHHS is making temporary changes to reduce the risk of spreading the illness. Our primary goal is to reduce the number of people going in and out of our building. 

  • VISITING: We are not allowing visiting at this time without intention to adopt or
    foster pets. We are limiting contact with our animals to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • SNYP: Please call ahead and we will come to your vehicle to assist you.
  • ADOPT/FOSTER: If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, we ask that you fillout an application online. Once this is completed, you can call us to check on the status of the application. We are asking that you wait to visit with the animals until your application has been approved, and only visit with the animals that you are seriously interested in. DOG MEETS will be done outdoors at this time. CATS will be allowed one visitor at a time in our visitation room. We will schedule a time for you to come visit the animal you are interested in. Please wait in your car and call when you are waiting to be assisted.
  • OWNER SURRENDER: CALL AHEAD TO SCHEDULE. We will meet you at your vehicle so that you do not have to come into the building. Please call and let us know you are in the parking lot waiting to be assisted. We are asking that you call us at 316-283-0839 to schedule a time to surrender your animal(s). We are aiming to reduce the frequency of this,
    as a shelter environment is not going to be the best option for them at this time. If you are needing some kind of assistance to keep your pet for at least the next two weeks, please get in touch with us as we may be able to help with your situation. We will only accept surrenders from our required locations: HARVEY COUNTY residents not living within any city limits, NEWTON residents, NORTH NEWTON residents, and BURRTON residents.
  • STRAYS: CALL AHEAD. We will meet you at your vehicle so that you do not have to come into the building. Please call and let us know you are in the parking lot waiting to be
    assisted. We are asking to please work with your community if you find a stray pet to attempt to find owners. We can also share photos on our page to help with attempting to
    find owners before bringing a lost pet here. 
  • VOLUNTEERS: No volunteer duties at this time, unless it is related to Adventure Tails.

IF you are bringing an animal for any reason, please leave your animal in your vehicle to limit the amount of exposure from animal to person and animal to animal, until a staff
member can direct you on our procedures.


Following our temporary guidelines is the best way that you can help support us during this time. We thank you all for your understanding. For all questions and concerns, please call us at 316-283-0839.


Please call ahead.

  • Gloves
  • Purina One Kitten food
  • Purina One Puppy food
  • Gloves
  • Washable masks
  • Puppy Pads