Tell Us About Yourself

Please understand that you must be 18 years of age to become a volunteer for CAMP, however minors of 16+ years may attend with their parent or guardian if they have been accepted to volunteer for this program.

Please check all tasks that you would be interested in performing, and check all times you are available to perform these tasks. If asked to specify a time, please give a specific time or time range that you are available:

Trapping—Performed on the 3rd Saturday and preceding Friday of every month: Trappers take on the role of baiting humane cat traps, setting them up at their designated location, and monitoring the traps from their vehicle for a minimum of 2 hour shifts.

Cat Care—time spent performing this task depends on the amount of cats in our care at the given time; on average, this can take from 20 min - 1 hr.

This task requires training on how to safely clean the humane traps and provide the trapped cats with fresh food and water.
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Transport & Trap Cleanup

Transporting cats back to their locations after surgery has been completed. We can provide vehicles for this task. After cats are transported to their locations, the traps must be cleaned. Newspaper is taken out and thrown away, traps are hosed down with a cleaning agent, scrubbed, and rinsed. Tablecloths and tarps are washed at this time, and the holding area is swept up with any materials stored away.

Assisting During Spay/Neuter Surgery

This role is limited to select volunteers and can be discussed further with the program coordinator. It requires assisting in ear tipping community cats and preparing them for the spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations. The volunteer will be trained by the veterinarian and vet technician.
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Flyer Distributor & Community Engagement

This task requires the volunteer to be familiar with CAMP, and distribute flyers to designated locations. While a volunteer is distributing the flyers for the program, he/she will actively look for signs of community cats or their caregivers (for example, food/water dishes near the residence). Community engagement will often happen as you distribute flyers. Residents will inform you of various concerns related to animals in need. When this happens, we must be sure to get their contact information including name, phone number, and address, for the coordinator to address their concerns. This is an important part of the program. Community engagement is encouraging residents of Newton to take part in CAMP, whether it be signing up as a community cat caregiver, volunteering for CAMP, or spreading awareness about community cats. Some of these tasks can be done through social media, but this is most important during flyer distribution. Flyer distribution is once monthly, usually on the 1st Saturday of each month at 10am. Community engagement can be done through online social media at any time.