Giving Hands

At Caring Hands Humane Society we believe in strengthening the bond between humans and companion animals. Accordingly, we offer many services after the point of adoption including obedience training & behavioral counseling, dog washes, S.N.Y.P. (Spay & Neuter) assistance for Harvey County Residents, and even private pet cremations for end of life needs

Pet Reunion

If you live in Newton, and your pet is picked up by animal control it will be brought to Caring Hands Humane Society. Call as soon as you find your pet missing.

Mighty Mouser

Are you in need of a working cat? Do you have a barn, warehouse or even a brewery.

Adoption & Counseling

When deciding to bring a new pet home the more you do ahead of time, the better. Plenty of preparation is the key to creating a happy home life for you and your new pet.

Forever Loved Memorials

Memorialize your loved one. Caring Hands Humane Society offers communal and private cremation services.


Feral cats can be surrendered and adopted out as working cats. Feral cats within the city of Newton, KS, can become a part of our Trap-neuter-return program.

Spay/Neuter Vouchers

CHHS provides a spay/neuter assistance program for Harvey County residents.