Luna’s Story

I felt the need to share…. its been 2 or 3 years since we got her. (I have a terrible memory).
This is Lumin (we call her Luna now) from Newton.
The mean cat who didn’t get along with other animals and attacked the staff at caring hands regularly…. who also attacked my husband when we were there to look at the cats. But I loved her instantly and new she was the only cat for me. Just a little misunderstood.
She is still temperamental, and can be real mean. But she loves me, and love to cuddle with me, and she is getting along with our new kitten, and we couldn’t be happier with how well she has worked out with our family. Here she is giving the kitten a warning that she is not in the mood to play, but she does play with him and gets along with him well.
I love her more and more all the time and she is doing so well. Just wanted to update, since she was quite a controversial one.
Even the ones we think of as the most difficult, have someone out there who is perfect for them. ~ Meghan Miler

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