Kilo’s Story

We at Twins Tire & Lube adopted Kilo on May 8th, 2015. We have been following her story for many months before we adopted her. We had heard about all the terrible things that had happened to her and everything that she had to go through. We hoped that someone with a good open heart would adopt her. There was so much love in Kilo, so we decided to cover Kilo’s adoption fee multiple times. We also sponsored Kilo in the paper. Every week we would try to make it up to the humane society to see her and to see if anyone was interested in her. Finally after so many weeks of sponsoring her we went up there to see how she was doing. Twins made the decision to adopt Kilo as a shop dog because someone stays at the shop every night due to Harvey County 911 towing. We knew we could provide her with a family that would love her, shelter that she could call home and food to feed her.

We have had Kilo now for 2 weeks and we have enjoyed every minute of it and I think she has too. She loves going on car rides in any vehicle, including the tow truck. She loves to play and cuddle. All she ever wanted was to be petted. She will stand by any customer all day long as long as they are petting her. She loves attention from anyone that is willing to take the time and pet her.

We have a specific customer that comes in every 3 months with her daughter so her daughters car can get an oil change. She is blind and has a hard time hearing. Her daughter brings her in with her every time. When she got here she sat down on the bench outside and was having a conversation with Carl, the owner of Twins. Kilo went up to the blind lady and rubbed her head against her leg. Carl introduced the two and when the customer started to pet Kilo, Kilo would not leave her side. They had such a great time together. They were talking and giving each other kisses. It was an amazing thing to see.

We just wanted to thank the Caring Hands Humane Society for not giving up on her. We know Kilo has touched many hearts of the workers and volunteers at the humane society and you guys are welcome any time to come see her. The animal control for newton, Jennifer, who is my neighbor in Halstead, she comes to see Kilo as much as she can. Kilo is a dog that could have rebelled against humans after all that she had been through but she decided to keep giving us chances and we are glad she did.

Kilo is finally in her forever home with a family that loves her so much. She has a spot in our hearts now and we know many of our customers are fond of her too. We cant wait to see what the future holds for her. She is an amazing dog.

Thank You!


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