Horo your loved one by donating in their memory. Make memories that last.

Memorials and
Honorary Gifts

Donate in Honor or Memory of a Loved One

Do you want to leave the world a better place for your having lived? Perhaps you would like to honor the charitable nature of someone you have loved and lost. Legacies and Memorials are ways for people from all walks of life to think beyond their life span or to honor a loved one. This way of giving makes a difference in lives yet to come, in this case both the lives of companion animals and the lives of the people who will love them. Gifts large and small are important and every gift makes a difference!

Animal Sponsorship

There are many people who love animals and would be wonderful loving pet owners but not everyone can afford to pay the adoption fees. Consider sponsoring a CHHS shelter animal in their name. For more information please contact us at (316)283-0839.

Pet Memorial Board

This board, which has the heading – In Loving Memory Of – is dedicated to beloved companion animals who have gone over the rainbow bridge.

The donation to have a companion animal’s name listed on this board is $500.

Founders Board

This board has been in Caring Hands Humane Society since the beginning in 1987! You can commemorate a loved one’s philanthropic spirit or love of animals with a Gold, Silver or Bronze dedication plate. This board is highly visible in our lobby and commemorates the spirit of Newton, which had made the progress at Caring Hands Humane Society possible.

Donation for Dedication Plates:

Gold – $5,000 | Silver – $1,000 | Bronze – $500

Memorial Path

We have a lovely courtyard with a path to the side of our building. Both staff and visitors to Caring Hands often use this area as a quiet place to think and to reflect – Perhaps to decide whether to bring home a new friend for life!

You can purchase a brick in this path, which will be dedicated to a loved one or beloved pet.

The cost of a Memorial Brick is $250.

Dedicate a Housing Unit

To Dedicate a bank of stainless steel housing units (four) to a loved one, we ask for a donation of $1,500. The Dedication Plate will read: In Memory Of, In Honor Of or With Love – your choice.

Room Dedication

The donation to dedicate an entire room used for housing animals starts at $5,000.

A wooden plaque will be put on the door to the room and inside in a highly visible place if you wish. This plaque can be dedicated to a pet, to a loved one, a family name or it can be a naming grant to inspire others to give.

This is a wonderful reminder for all of our visitors, staff and volunteers how so much progress has been made at Caring Hands Humane Society – That is with YOUR help!

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