Membership Benefits


Save Lives

Your Making a Difference

Without your contributions, Caring Hands Humane Society would not be able to help these special cases or be available for any of the homeless animals in our area. From our supporters who help to keep our doors open, to the volunteers and adopters who give them the care and love they have been waiting for. So many animals come through our door with needs and have nowhere left to turn. We can’t turn our backs on them, and we know that we can rely on our community to help us help them. 

How can you help now?  Become a member of Caring Hands Humane Society by making an annual contribution towards the animals in our care.

Please pick up your membership items at the shelter.
For your gift of $500, $1000, or $5000, we will add your name on our Bronze, Silver, or Gold Donor Wall.

This is what your gift means to you and the adoptable pets at Caring Hands Humane Society...

  • Shelter Pets get food, water, and a clean living space
  • You get the use of our pet bathing facilities
    (Please bring your own shampoo)
  • Shelter Pets get compassionate veterinary care to heal them, body and soul
  • You get a subscription to the Critter Chronicle newsletter, full of great information & relevant animal related topics and up to date information on what’s happening at
  • Shelter Pets get training, enrichment, playtime and love to heal their emotional wounds
  • You get a Membership card, granting you the discounts from local supporting businesses
  • Best of all, by spreading your gifts throughout the year, giving is a convenient, affordable, and an efficient way to make a real difference in pets’ lives!

Feed Them

$ 25 Yearly
  • This level provides some of the basic daily care, such as food, water, and a clean living space.

Prevent Illness

$ 50 Yearly
  • This level provides basic medical care, such as proper vaccinations and testing for treatable illnesses. *This level provides you a free CHHS t-shirt.

Stop Overpopulation

$ 100 Yearly
  • This level covers the cost of a spay/neuter surgery. This helps stop overpopulation and prevents unwanted pets from being left at a shelter or in the streets. *This level provides you a free CHHS sweatshirt

Medical Care & Rescue

$ 250 Yearly
  • This level provides lifesaving medical care to an animal in need, or transports an animal in need to rescue. *This level provides you a free CHHS t-shirt & sweatshirt