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Mighty Mouser

Mighty Mousers from CHHS are free to adopt!

We take in cats of varying personalities for every environment throughout each year. These displaced felines need to go back to live in the kind of environment they know and can survive in the best. We regularly take in cats that are a great fit for barns, warehouses, breweries, campuses, country homes, greenhouse settings, workshops… you name it, and we may just have what you are looking for!

What do Mighty Mousers need?

Cats are social animals. They will have a tendency to live in their own little colony. They prefer to be around other cats as they feel safer. It’s always good to adopt in pairs. 

To establish a sense of home, it is best to keep your working cats enclosed in an area such as a barn or shed for a few weeks so they know the area is safe. They will also know where to find their food. If you don’t have a building enclosure, a dog crate will work. Just place a blanket over the top or surround it with bales of hay/straw for security. 

Cats, cats and more cats!

Cat populations can be overwhelming in some areas. By not entering them into a Trap Neuter and Return Program at your local shelter, the population will just grow exponetially. However, removing all of the cats froman area only invites more cats who are not spayed/neutered to move in. It’s always good to keep some of the cats in the area. They will keep the rodent population and other small prey down. With a lowered small prey population comes fewer snakes.

Trap Neuter and Return Programs give cats the ability to live out their lives naturally – just being a cat. 

And that's not all!

Mighty Mousers are also:

Contact us today to be placed on our list of mighty mouser adopters! (316)283-0839

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