So, your ready to adopt a pet!

finding your Match

Get Your Family Involved

This can be a very exciting time for you and your family but where do you start? Start by talking about what each person is looking for in a pet such as: type, personality and physical characteristics. The Adoption Counselors here at CHHS can help you turn all of that information into a good match for your family. Make sure you also include any pets you may already have in your discussion. Do they take easily to new pets? Are there any behavioral issue that may be addressed first. All of these things will help you select an animal that will be able to adapt better to your household.

Learn About Your Type Of Pet

Talk with your veterinarian, visit a library or search the internet. All of these can prepare you better to help your new pet adapt to its new environment. Learning how to feed, bathe and train your pet are just a few steps in learning how to be a terrific pet parent. 

Dogs have been our companion animals for thousands of years. Humans have bred various characteristics for various jobs the dog can perform. If your looking for a dog companion, consider the breed and size of the dog and what type of job they can do for you. Keep in mind some breeds may come with different types of health challenges such as breathing difficulties in Pugs, Bulldogs and Boxers.

Cats do not have the range in types of breeds that dogs do but the wonderful thing about cats is you know you will get a lot of personality. They are usually safer indoors so you will need a litter box, toys, and feeding bowls. Cats can make wonderful pets for people who do not have the space nor the time for the exercise requirements of dogs.

Be Prepared

After you have decided on what type of pet you will adopt, you will need to purchase your supplies. You can go to CHHS Amazon List and check out some items that we recommend or here are some other places to look:

  • Amazon
  • Bark Box
  • Bully Make
  • Petsmart
  • PetCo
  • Walmart
  • Sam’s Club
  • Office Depot
  • The Container Store
  • Menards
  • Lowe’s

Get To Know Personality

An Adoption Counselor will let you meet your potential companion to help you get to know them better before adoption. Not all pets are a suitable fit for every family. Get to know their personalities and don’t forget to ask questions. The Adoption Counselors spend time with these animals and get to know their behaviors and are the best way to get information.

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