Joni Schroeder, Vet-Tech Extraordinaire

A Stellar Veterinary Technician

Joni Schroeder is a long-time employee of CHHS. Joni has been working as a Vet Tech with us for more than 9 years! Let’s learn a little more about Joni and all the amazing things she does for CHHS. Joni does a ton for our pets. She assists our veterinarian in surgeries, administers medications and vaccines, performs exams and diagnostic tests, introduces cleaning protocol, and even assists with adoptions. She is truly a jack-of-all-trades.


Joni’s favorite part about working at CHHS is the bond she creates with the animals. Her favorite pet she can remember is a kitten, Monster. Monster was brought to CHHS barely alive, and Joni was able to nurse him back to health. Monster went on to be adopted and have a wonderful life, thanks to Joni. This is just one of the hundreds of examples of lives Joni’s impacted while at CHHS.

What Else Does Joni Do?

In her free time, Joni loves to spend time with her friends and family, especially her two kids. She also has her hands full with her EIGHT pets! With four dogs – Gypsy, Juice, Joker, and Harley – and four cats – Drake, Bean Meagan, and Moxi – Joni stays very busy. Still, Joni can’t get enough of animals. She also works part time for Urgent Pet Care in Wichita. We can’t figure out when she actually sleeps?

From everyone at Caring Hands, thank you for everything you do, Joni!

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