Thank you to all of our new members and renewed members. It takes special people like you to help care for our shelter animals

Below is the list of our current members. Please check back monthly for new members listed.

Life Sustaining Members

Mary Drouin
Sue Brown
Armando Serrano
Laura Alexander
Donna Taylor
Sylvia Bartel
Patrica Janssen
Aimee Smucker
Cathy Lehrman
Amy Zastrow
Cherie Yoder
Sharon Schmidt
Barbara Ward
Glenn & Peggy White
Sandy Kittrell
Bonnie & Robert Baumgartner
Mary Kingry
Phil & Lois Palmer
Virgene Gaede
Patsy & Eugene Johnson
Orval & Cherie Yoder
Tony & Kathy Nelzen
Pamela Moore
Karen Adams
Doris Earl
Gaylord Sanneman
Denise & Kenneth Koehn
Jean Farrar
Betty Hazeltine
Jerry Boyd
Ginger Stephens
Shari Roach-Bell

Membership Renewals

Charles & Dagmar Gorges
Martha Gartner
Thomas Laham
Jan Pollet
Carolyn Johnson
Clem & Judy Rasmussen
Shawna Paulin
Kathy & John Brotton
Beth Usselman
Laurem Hartke
Earl McGinn
Kevin & Jerry McKinney
Michelle Timmermeyer
William & Beverly Grebel
Paul & JoAnne Campbell
Don & Anne Alvord
Daryl & Jacque Wedel
James & Katie Reese
Judy Hawkey
Loyal & Mary Smith
Allen & Marcia Hahn

New Members

Shelby Maier
Mary Sandoval
James & Lorraine Cavender
Zoe Meulbroek
Valera Hinshaw
Harley Hanke
Jean Harms