Caring to Give

Memorials and donations made in honor of our loved ones help to provide for the animals in our care. 

Some may choose to memorialize their loved ones by asking for donations be made to a cause that was supported through life.

Some people choose to honor their pets, a special birthday or as a Christmas gift. 

We appreciate all the support given and we are honored to be the chosen organization of your contribution.


In Memory

Brenda Stubby McGuire “with Heart Felt Love for My
Beautiful Wife Brenda. I will always continue to Love You
and keep You close in my Prayers.” – Ken McGuire
Ron & Andrea McGuire                                                              Kevin & Amy Beaver & Family
Justin & Krista Chandler
(Roy Group Realtors)
Theresa Danby
Mitchell Dexter & Stephen Seleske
John & Patricia Elmore
Mike & Karen Farrell
Teresa & James Fourniea
Robert & Becky Gillispie
Jill & Anthony Gonzalez
Jim & Elaine Howarth
Jan Kisro
Keith & Pat Kisro
Jeff & Deb Lang & Family
Dan & Nancy Maher
David & Barb McGuire
Harold & Darlene McGuire
Ken McGuire
Mark & Janelle McGuire
Tony McGuire
Jerry & Irene McGuire & Family
John & Ann McGuire & Family
Judy Mosely
Vonnie Mueller
Bob & Mary Nakaki
Karen Nordstrom
Sara Hasty
Kay & Ron Rehm
Norman & Barbara Roux
Betty Schmidt
George & Sharon Schutte
Anthony & Cidera Spencer
Alice & Edward Stahl
Doris Stubby
Donald & Jo Anne Telford
Jim & Mert Vrieze

Bill Chard
Martin Colborn
Melinda Markley
Dorothy & Cheryl Williams, Furgason
J.D. or Angela Ragland
Mildred Chard
Eric, Mark & Joyce McCabe
William & Carole Chard
William & Jan Wesley
Barbara Ratley & David Branson

Belva & Sue Arnold
Barbara Ratley & David Branson

Butch the Dachshund
Dan & Sheron Schupp

Brent Thomas
Gail & Jason Marsh
Steve Roberson
Virgene Gaede
Lorna Preston
William & Billie Easton
Kim Silvernale-Wagner
& Tim Wagner
Brenda Sawyers
& Kim Dwyer
Orsburn & Tammy Clarkson
Kevin & Jerry McKinney
Dennis & Jeannine Hoheisel
Jill & Scott Green
Susan & Michael Rohr
Gloria Kater
Douglas & Terri Lowe
Steven & Sherry Nutz
Marissa & Drew Carlton

David Van Slyke
Frank Chesky
Halstead Lions Club

Diane Overaa
Kenneth & Tammie Hall

Dick Stineman
R.M. Stineman

Dr. Ivan & Norma Carper
Barbara Ratley & David Branson

Eileen Voth
Amy Entz

Gary Winsky
Brian & Theresa Danby

Jeffrey Sturm
Janell Walsh

John Heckman
Roberta Heckman

Lynn “Pete” Combs
Marjorie Summervill

Marge McCullum
Barbara Ratley & David Branson

Norma Tankersly
David & Anita Tokach

Norvell Ericson
Laura Franz, Tessa Butcher,
& Diane Degrado

Rhonda Hannon
Michael Cuellar

Rudy, Abbie, Sammie,
& Samantha Dunagan
Greg & Machele Dunagan

Steve Holinde
James & Donna Anderson

Susanna Fornwalt
Barbara Ratley & David Branson

Terrie Todd
Jack Herbel
Bob & Dee Stratman
Rick & Darcie Wallenmeyer

Tonessa Driskill
Gary & Ruby Moore
Joan Boese
Linda Shelly

Zoey Gilbert
John & Bev Gilbert

In Honor

Hoshi, Jackie, & Puka
Laura Salmeron

Chris (Grandson)
Roberta Heckman

Grandchildren Jillian, Maria,
and Remington
Connie Shirk

Marcia Carlson
Dale & Steven Probst

Steven Germeroth
Dale & Connie Germeroth

Julia La Combe
Kelly Lippold

Carol & James Nicholson
Susan & James Barnes

Hana & Cooper
Paula Lamprecht

Dax Adger
Crystal Matile

In Honor of the
Roberson Family:
Brad & Barb Roberson
Brett Roberson
Heather & Steve Morales
Brian Roberson
Lindsey Roberson
Kaci Roberson
Tom & Marge Roberson