Time for Answers

What services require an appointment?

Surrendering an owned pet, non-emergency stray animal intakes, meeting with an adoptable pet(s), foster pet vet office visits, finalizing adoptions.

What services do not require an appointment?

Picking up SNYP Vouchers, reclaiming a pet, emergency stray animal intakes.

How do I adopt an animal?

First, fill out an adoption profile

Second, call to speak to an Adoption Counselor at 316-283-0839 and check on the status of your application. Finally, if the application is approved, you can schedule an appointment to meet the pet and finalize adoption.

**Filling out an application does not mean you have to commit to adoption. Applications are kept on file for 6 months or up to 2 years following an adoption.

What are the requirements for adoption?

We require proof of identification and a completed adoption application. Our adoption process is counsel based. While an application can be approved for adoption, the specific animal to be adopted will only be approved if it is a good fit for the home.

When can I take my new pet home?

Some pets need to be spayed or neutered before they can go home. Some will have medical needs. On average, an adopted pet can go home the day following surgery if cleared by our veterinary staff.

What kind of animals do you have for adoption?

You can view all of our adoptable animals here.

How much are your adoption fees?

Adoption fees for dogs vary as follows:

  1. $60 for dogs over 7 years of age.
  2. $85 for pit mixes age 1 year or older.
  3. $120 for large breed dogs age 1 year or older.
  4. $155 for small breed dogs age 1 year or older, or puppies age 4 to 11 months.
  5. $230 for puppies under 4 months of age.

Adoption fees for cats vary as follows:

  1. $30 for adult cats age 1 year or older.
  2. $60 for kittens under 1 year of age or for highly desirable adult cats over 1 year of age.
  3. $85 for desirable kittens under 1 year of age

Why do you have an adoption fee?

Our expenses put into each animal are:

  1. Spay/Neuter surgery 
  2. Microchipping
  3. Flea/Tick prevention
  4. Heartworm prevention (dogs)
  5. FVRCP Vaccination (cats)
  6. D-A2-PP-V Vaccination (dogs)
  7. Rabies Vaccination
  8. Heartworm testing (dogs)
  9. Additional medical needs if applicable

These expenses, if performed through your veterinarian, far outweigh even our highest adoption fee.

Can I be called if a specific breed is available for adoption?

With an approved application, we can add you to a breed request list. Keep in mind, we do not see more than a few purebred pets each year. The majority of adoptable animals are mixed breeds, and we will call you if the pet closely fits what you are looking for. Once you have an approved application, please speak to an Adoption Counselor to be added to a breed request list.

What is CAMP?

CAMP is our trap-neuter-vaccinate-return program for community cats in Harvey County (outside city limits), the city of Halstead, KS, and city of Newton, KS. 

To learn more about this program, visit our TNR page.

How do I become a registered caregiver?

Contact the CAMP Coordinator Cynthia Sutcliffe at (316)283-0839 or e-mail marketing@caringhandshs.org. Each situation involving community cats can have varying outcomes needed in the best interest of the community, the caregiver, and the colony. Our CAMP Coordinator will help you determine the next steps in caring for your colony.

What is the cost to have a cat serviced through CAMP?

There is no cost to the caregiver. Cost incurred by the shelter total approximately $70 to service healthy community cats. Donations are accepted and thoroughly appreciated.

Where do my donations go?

There are several programs to make a donation towards, including a yearly Caring Hands Membership, Life Sustaining Memberships, Lifetime Memberships, the Tuffy’s Love Fund, C.A.M.P (Community cat Alteration Management Program), Memorials, and Legacies. Each of these programs provides for the care of the animals, including but not limited to, daily feeding, providing an appropriate & clean living space, medical needs, & enrichment.

What do I get with my annual Membership subscription?

Thanks to the help of people like you, we have been able to save more and more animals each year! You will not only help the animals here, you will receive benefits as well. Click here to learn more about member benefits! Please view our Membership brochure for complete information.

What is the Tuffy’s Love Fund?

Tuffy, the kitten, came to Caring Hands with an injury so serious that his left front leg had to be amputated. The operation was difficult for him and his survival was still in question.

His will to live, his indomitably cheerful spirit and his loving disposition made a lasting impression on everyone he met. Tuffy went to a loving foster home. He only lived for five months, but his time was filled with love and happiness. In memory of Tuffy’s loving spirit and the generosity of his Foster Family we have renamed the Emergency Medical Fund the Tuffy’s Unconditional Love Fund.

This fund covers immediate needs that cannot be filled through the regular operation of Caring Hands – including off site and extended veterinary services, emergency short term boarding costs and any other unforeseen special needs. By donating to Tuffy’s Fund you will help us reach our ultimate goal of saving the life of every adoptable companion animal.

What does my donation to CAMP support?

CAMP is our trap-neuter-vaccinate-return program for community cats in Harvey County (outside city limits), the city of Halstead, KS, and city of Newton, KS. 

To learn more about this program, visit our TNR page.

Your donation to CAMP will cover costs incurred for spaying/neutering, medical treatments, and vaccinations for registered community cats.

What is a Life Sustaining Membership?

A Life Sustaining Membership is one of the best ways to show your support and provide a sustainable income to cover the costs of care for the homeless animals in our facility. To become a Life Sustaining Member, you can choose to make a monthly contribution in an amount of your choice (must exceed $18/month to be considered Life Sustaining Membership)

You can sign up online by donating through our online form and selecting Donate Monthly at the top of the page. 

What is a Lifetime Membership?

Memorials & Legacies

Do you want to leave the world a better place for your having lived? Perhaps you would like to honor the charitable nature of someone you have loved and lost. Legacies and Memorials are ways for people from all walks of life to think beyond their life span or to honor a loved one. This way of giving makes a difference in lives yet to come, in this case both the lives of companion animals and the lives of the people who will love them. Gifts large and small are important and every gift makes a difference!

  • $250.00 Memorial Brick
  • $500.00 Pet Memorial Board
  • Founder’s Board Dedication Plates:
  • $5000.00 Gold
  • $1000.00 Silver
  • $500.00 Bronze
  • $1500.00 Housing Unit
  • $5000.00 Room Dedication

Learn more about Memorials & Legacies here.

What types of food do you take for donation?

While we prefer using Purina One products for our shelter animals, we will take in any food donations. 

What items do you NOT accept for donation?

We no longer accept water bottles, large/heavy blankets, comforters, or sheets. **Due to COVID we are not currently accepting items for the annual garage sale. 

Do you have a wish list?

You can view our current wish list, our Amazon Wish List or Chewy.

Don’t forget to use AmazonSmile to make your purchase go further! You can choose to donate a percentage of your purchase to Caring Hands Humane Society.

How much are your cremation services?

If your beloved pet has passed, these are the options available through  Forever Loved Memorials (tax included):

  1. Private cremations (your pet will be cremated by itself and you will choose an urn for your pet to be returned to you) $130.20
  2. Communal cremations (your pet will be cremated and Caring Hands will take care of the remains for you) $16.28
  3. Owner requested euthanasia includes an additional charge of $70.53. 

Can I be with my pet during humane euthanasia?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate owners being present during euthanasia. We suggest contacting your veterinarian for these services if you wish to be present. 

When can I bring my pet for humane euthanasia?

You will need to schedule an appointment by calling us at 316-283-0839. Our on staff veterinarian is only available a few select days during each week to perform these services. **Disclaimer: Caring Hands is allowed to deny any euthanasia request if it is determined unnecessary. 

For further information visit Forever Loved Memorials.

Do  you provide food for families in need?

We have cat/dog food in our food bank for those in need (while supplies last, limited to one large bag at a time per type of animal). If you need supplies or food for your pet, please call (316)283-0839 and talk with our Director of Marketing & Development, Cynthia Sutcliffe.

What is the process of surrendering an animal?

Call us at 316-283-089 to speak with an Adoption Counselor. We know that surrendering your pet is difficult, and may very well be the last option you had in mind as a solution to any pet related issues you may be experiencing. Please be patient with us when we are asking questions so that we may determine if there are ways we can help you keep your pet at home. Our counselors are trained to determine with you what is the best option for you and your pet.

If surrendering has become the best option, you can schedule an appointment with a counselor. We will need a current ID displaying your address. If your ID does not state your current address, you will need to bring a vehicle registration or utility bill along with your ID.  **If you live in the city of Sedgwick, KS, we will need to see that your vehicle registration states that you live in Harvey County.

Upon your arrival, we will ask you information about your pet and will give you two forms to fill out. One is a pet profile that will tell us more about your pet so that we may find the best fit for them. The next form is a medical release form that needs to be filled out if your pet has seen a veterinarian while in your care. This will help us to not repeat current vaccinations or treatments.

Who can surrender a pet?

We are obligated to accept lost or unwanted animals from Harvey County outside city limits, the city of Halstead, the city of Burrton, the city of North Newton, and the city of Newton. We are not obligated, but will accept if space permits, animals from other cities in Harvey County not listed above. Counties outside of our jurisdiction are determined as a case by case situation and are subject to a surrender fee of $50 for all adult animals.

Can someone else bring my pet for surrender?

Yes, if they provide a notarized letter signed by you stating that the person is allowed to relinquish an animal on your behalf. If you for some reason can not provide a notarized letter, please call for further information.

What is the RAIN program?

RAIN is a program that allows a pet owner to seek assistance from CHHS to rehome their pet while the pet remains in the home. Once signed up, CHHS will advertise the pet on social media outlets and the list of adoptable pets on this website. 

What do I need to sign my pet up for RAIN?

You will need to provide medical history on your pet. Your pet must be spayed/neutered and current on appropriate vaccinations. Call a counselor at (316)283-0839 to schedule a time to fill out the appropriate information. You may want to bring your pet to CHHS for photo opportunities, or you may send photos to CHHS. There is a $25 fee to be paid for assisting in placing your pet.

How do I reclaim my pet?

Call us at 316-283-0839 immediately to identify your lost pet. We may ask that you visit in person to confirm. You will need to provide current identification for you and your pet.

How much does it cost to reclaim my pet?

Boarding is $17.50/day including the first day. We only charge this amount to cover any potential medical needs that are addressed while under our care, food and water supply, as well as the resource cost such as the amount of time and supplies used to properly care for your pet. 

If your pet is not current on a Rabies vaccination, there is an additional charge of $18 for a Rabies vaccination voucher. This voucher pays for the shot to be given to your pet by your veterinarian. It expires in two weeks. Take the voucher to your veterinarian and they will then bill us for the vaccination.

Can I have someone else reclaim my pet?

Yes, if they have a notarized letter signed by you stating that the person is allowed to reclaim your pet. If you or your pet is involved with the Animal Control Officer, the ACO may also confirm with Caring Hands who is allowed to reclaim your pet for you.

Do you provide pet boarding for victims of domestic violence?

Caring Hands Humane Society has partnered with SafeHope of Newton, KS to help victims of domestic abuse move their pets to safety. 

How do I get started on the process?

Please contact SafeHope to begin and a representative will get in touch with Caring Hands. 

24-hour Help Line: (800) 487-0510 | (316) 283-0350

We strictly communicate with your SafeHope representative to keep information confidential. You do not need to directly communicate with Caring Hands staff, for the safety of all involved.

Where does my pet stay?

Your pet will either stay at the Caring Hands facility or will be paired with an appropriate foster home depending on availability. Our staff is skilled in determining the best foster home when provided with information about your pet. Despite the location, Caring Hands ensures that your pet will be cared for and will be safe from harm. 

Does it cost to board my pet?

No fee is required. 

How long may I board my pet?

The timeline is determined by each situation through communication between Caring Hands and SafeHope. The only instance in which a pet is rehomed is if communication is stopped for longer than 30 days. It is important that you communicate with your SafeHope representative so that they may communicate timelines with a CHHS representative.

Why am I not permitted to communicate with CHHS or the foster caregiver directly?

It is important that we keep your information confidential. The only secure way to do so is to leave the only line of communication between your SafeHope representative and you. Your identity will remain anonymous even to CHHS staff. CHHS representatives do not discuss your pets or situation with anyone except your SafeHope representative. 

I am without housing. What can you do for my pet?

CHHS has partnered with New Hope Shelter, Inc. to provide short term boarding for your pet. Please contact a New Hope representative to begin the process:

(316) 283-7711

900 W Broadway St Building 7

Newton, KS 67114

Do we perform spay/neuter services or provide vaccinations for owned pets?

No, we are not a public veterinary clinic and unable to perform these services.

Can you microchip my pet?

No, we are unable to perform this type of public service. Please contact your veterinarian.

Do you offer grooming as a service?

No, currently we are unable to provide grooming services for your pet. We can only perform nail trimming, which must be scheduled ahead to ensure a veterinary staff member is available upon your arrival. You must provide current Rabies vaccination proof for your pet. The cost of nail trimming is $9.22 (including tax).

Do you still offer SNYP Vouchers?

Yes, if you are a Kansas resident and live in Harvey County, we can give out up to two SNYP (Spay-Neuter-Your-Pet) Vouchers per household, per year. They expire in 30 days. These vouchers take $70 off of your spay/neuter bill when you take your pet to any of these participating veterinary offices:

  1. All Creature Veterinary Clinic
  2. Animal Health center of Marion
  3. Ark Valley Animal Hospital
  4. Countryaid Veterinary Service PA
  5. Great Plains Pet Hospital
  6. Hesston Veterinary Clinic
  7. Hillsboro Animal Clinic
  8. Newton Animal Hospital
  9. Peabody Veterinary hospital
  10. Sedgwick veterinary Hospital
  11. Spur Ridge Vet Hospital
  12. Valley Center veterinary Hospital
  13. Indian Hills Animal Clinic
  14. Maple street Veterinary Hospital
  15. Caring Hearts Veterinary Clinic

Do you still offer SNYP Vouchers for Marion County?

We receive limited funding from a private donor, typically one to two times a year. If you need a voucher and you live in Marion County, please call and ask if we have any available.

What do I need to do to get a voucher?

Set up your appointment with your veterinarian. Then, call ahead at 316-283-0839 and let a counselor know you are needing a voucher. You will need to bring a form of ID with a current address. If your ID does not have a current address, please bring a utility bill or vehicle registration stating your current address along with your ID. **If you live in the city of Sedgwick, KS, we will need to see that your vehicle registration states that you live in Harvey County.

What can I do if I find a stray animal?

  1. Call 911 and report the found animal. You may ask if anyone has reported a missing pet. 
  2. Check for tags or other forms of identification. Rabies tags have veterinary clinic phone numbers and we suggest calling to see if they can help reunite the pet with its owner. 
  3. CHHS can scan stray animals for microchips that can lead to proper identification. 
  4. Check with your neighbors to see if they recognize or own the pet. 
  5. Ask for proof that any person claiming to own the pet (photos along with vet records is a great way to determine this). 
  6. CHHS can also take a found report along with your information if you are able to safely house the pet before bringing it to Caring Hands. 
  7. If you are bringing a stray to Caring Hands, please call ahead at 316-283-0839.

What if I find a stray after operating hours?

Call 911 and ask for an officer to assist you.

What if the animal I found needs immediate medical attention?

Call 911 and ask for assistance from Animal Control

Do you take in wildlife?

No, Caring Hands is only equipped & legally allowed to take in domesticated pets. If you are needing assistance with a wildlife concern, please call us at 316-283-0839 and we will do our best to direct you on the next steps.

What kind of traps do you have available for rent?

Caring Hands has humane live traps in various sizes. Our most common size is for feral cats or similar size animals. We do have few smaller traps along with few larger traps.

How much does it cost to rent a trap?

There is a $35 deposit that is refundable upon the return of the trap in good, working condition, along with an additional nonrefundable $10/week rental fee.